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The Beginning...

by Robby Yeager |

Wow what a ride it is starting a business! 

My best friends Christian, Joe and I had this tradition that started when we were both undergrads at UC Davis. Chris and Joe would sit on one side of my room on the big red ugly second-hand couch I had, and I would sit at my desk with a pad and pen. We would discuss for hours, new business ideas, and how already established business's could be better. We loved researching how entrepreneurs came to be, their journey's and what separated them from the pack. This is what we did for fun. 

We graduated in 2016 and life kicked in. Chris and I worked in various industries, realizing how unsatisfied we actually were. About a year later, Chris and I were hanging out. I decided to pull out the pad and pen. Chris sat on a much more comfortable couch at his apartment and we wrote out some ideas.

New app ideas were discussed, writing a screenplay for a movie, creating a wine brand, all were being tossed around, but nothing would stick. Then we started talking about our dogs and the joy they bring us each and everyday. Chris asked me to throw him a dog toy. As he was telling me how unsustainable the materials  that made up the toy were, I called his dog, Kona over to look at her collar. It was made in China, made from nylon with plastic buckles, and quite ugly. 

We were both shocked at the product options out there for pet owners. Chris asked me what I thought of a pet product brand that made everything in the United Stated out of sustainable materials. I was in.

I quit my tech job in San Francisco, Chris left his job in the wine industry and we started Wildwood. 

The idea evolved from "USA made sustainable pet products" to "USA made sustainable pet products that look great on pets and Do Good for important animal related causes." We've partnered with some amazing non-profits and created a business model that will help their initiatives with every item sold.

Every Wildwood product we make has the potential to Do Good because of the great people like you who are now part of our Wildwood family.

20% of the net profits from every item sold help animals in need, and we can't wait to start a movement where business isn't just about profit, but instead about helping those who call this planet home. 

Wildwood is a company built with a simple intention-


- Robby Yeager, Co-Founder Wildwood Pet